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Oilseed products

A trusted supplier of quality ingredients

CHS adds value to growers' crops through our soybean and canola crushing and refining facilities and animal feed mills. The high-quality ingredients we generate provide customers with a consistent, year-round supply.

We produce crude and refined canola oil and high-protein canola meal at our processing and refining facility near Hallock, Minn.
We produce soybean oil, flour and meal for global food companies. Our trusted brands include Honeysoy® and Savorysoy®. We also produce PlastiSoy® epoxidized soy oil, used in food wrap and medical applications.
sunflower seeds
We export sunflower products to Spain, Greece, Poland and Israel and supply ingredients to nationally known snack brands.

Green crops in a field

Oilseed products

CHS produces a variety of food and feed ingredients for customers around the world. We are a leader in soybean and canola processing and refine more than 1.7 billion pounds of soybean oil and process 21 million bushels of canola seed each year at our crushing and refining facilities in Minnesota. From refined soybean oil to high-protein canola meal, we are committed to helping our producers find new markets and uses for their grain.